Choosing UL: studying in French in Canada (4 amazing reason)

Would you like to come and study in Canada? so why Choosing UL: studying in French in Canada , By continuing your study or research project at Université Laval, you could have an exceptional experience in a welcoming and safe French-speaking living environment.

Choosing UL: studying in French in Canada (4 amazing reason)

1- Life in Canada

why study in canada,Combining wide open spaces, North American lifestyle and an open and welcoming population, so study in Canada stands out for its exceptional quality of life and the excellence of its universities. In a beautiful natural environment, you will find a peaceful society where it is good to live and study.

Security community

Safe and stable, Canada offers one of the best quality of life in the world with a very low crime rate, even in large cities. Respect for human rights and equality are values shared by Canadians and contribute to creating a healthy and peaceful living environment for all.

Quality of education

Studying in Canada means accessing higher-quality education at a moderate cost compared to major American cities. On state-of-the-art campuses, you will be able to train with renowned professors and obtain a degree recognized around the world, including in business, by governments and university circles.

Innovative character of research

Research is a major and very dynamic element of Canadian university education. Many innovative research opportunities are offered in cutting-edge fields, including in sectors such as telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, information technology, environmental sciences and engineering.

Multicultural society open to the world

You will find in Canada a multicultural, open and welcoming society that is easy to integrate and where almost all ethnic groups are represented. You will have easy access to leisure activities specific to your culture, associations to which you join and foods that are familiar to you.

2-Life in Quebec

A city with European charm bordered by the St. Lawrence River and rich in a great history, Quebec City has been named a UNESCO heritage jewel. Offering an exceptional quality of life, it sits at the top of the safest cities in Canada. With its cultural and economic vitality, Quebec City has all the advantages of a metropolis while being surrounded by spectacular nature.

Living in French

You will not find a better place to experience the French-speaking culture of America than Quebec City. Rich in its past and intimate history with France, it is considered the cradle of French civilization on the American continent. Moreover, Université Laval was the first French-speaking university to see the light of day in America. Quebec City and Laval University offer you a dream setting to evolve at your own pace in French.

Studying in Quebec City

Studying in Quebec City means opting for a unique and deeply enriching experience combining high-quality training and immersion in the heart of American Francophone culture. Very dynamic in the research and development sector, Quebec has the highest concentration of researchers per person in Canada. Laval University and other university institutions located in the region have a lot to do with it.

Rich and lively culture

Driven by great cultural and artistic vitality, Quebec City is full of activities, summer and winter. It has several concert halls and theaters, museums and interpretation centers, not to mention its many art galleries. Festivals and cultural events are organized throughout the year, including the Summer Festival – one of the most important musical events in Canada -, ComediHa! Fest-Québec, the Carrefour international de théâtre and the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France TD. It is also home to many bars, cafes and bistros where it is good to meet with family or friends.

UNESCO City of Literature

Named a UNESCO city of literature, Quebec is the first French-speaking city to obtain this title. Its network of libraries, the Maison de la littérature and its many literary creators, publishers and booksellers have contributed greatly to obtaining this title. The city is also inspiring and creative with its poetic evenings, its thematic walks and the holding of the Festival Québec in all letters.

Nature and outdoors

Quebec is also a city tailored for athletes and nature lovers. Dotted with large green spaces, it has one of the largest urban parks in the world, the Plains of Abraham. The mountains, rivers and lakes that surround it, close to its city center, allow you to practice a multitude of outdoor activities in all seasons. Discovering the largest winter carnival in the world, the Quebec Carnival, admiring the Montmorency waterfall in the spring, taking a cruise on the St. Lawrence River in summer or walking in the orchards of the island of Orleans in autumn, there is no shortage of choice!


Many innovative restaurants, epicurean courses, an agrotourism circuit, meetings with local producers and even a festival, Québec Exquis!, make Quebec City a gastronomic destination. Discover all the flavors of the city, from poutine to maple delights, from cider to processed market garden products.

Advantageous cost of living

You will discover in Quebec City a moderate cost of living and affordable housing compared to most North American cities. Laval University is thus registered as a financially accessible study destination. On-campus residences offer a low-cost accommodation solution and different off-campus accommodation options are also available in the vicinity.

St. Lawrence River

Omnipresent in the city’s landscapes, the St. Lawrence River can be admired from different places and offers magnificent views. It is easily accessible in many ways: walk or bike through the enchanting route of the Samuel-De Champlain Promenade on the banks of the river, contemplate the cruise ships at Place des Canotiers or practice one of the many water activities offered close to the city and campus. Beauport Bay even gives you access to a beach allowing you to enjoy this majestic river.


ecognized worldwide for the research advances of its professors, Université Laval makes every effort to ensure your success. By coming to study, you will benefit from quality teaching and personalized supervision offered by talented, available and attentive professionals in state-of-the-art infrastructures.


Inspired by a long tradition of excellence, Laval University professors have earned an international reputation in several cutting-edge fields. They never hesitate to push their thinking off the beaten track, thus contributing to scientific advances and social innovations. Real models, they transmit their knowledge and expertise with passion and openness to inspire you to surpass yourself.

Teaching infrastructure

Integrated Health Sciences Training Complex

The Integrated Health Sciences Training Complex (CIFSS) invites collaboration between students from different fields to improve the health of the population. It offers access to a state-of-the-art anatomy laboratory, the Apprentices simulation center, a technocentre offering educational and technological assistance services and other state-of-the-art facilities.

Montmorency Forest

The Montmorency Forest, the largest teaching and research forest in the world, has more than 50 years of experience to improve sustainable forest management practices. A true open-air laboratory, it is the place for practical courses and research throughout the year, especially in forest and geodetic, biological, fish and hunting sciences.

Market rooms

The 3 market rooms of FSA ULaval, among the best equipped in Canada, offer more than 50 sophisticated workstations that allow the consultation of financial data of many countries. These are also equipped with several software such as Thomson Reuters Eikon/Datastream, Compustat, Bloomberg and CRSP. An ideal environment to introduce you to negotiation and financial analysis.

Roger-Van den Hende University Garden

The Roger-Van den Hende Garden is a 6-hectare educational and research site with nearly 4,000 species and cultivars grouped by botanical family. A living laboratory for the practical learning of botanical and horticultural sciences, it is a unique collection of plants native to Quebec and ornamental plants introduced from Europe, America and Asia.

Dental Pavilion

Exclusively used for practical training in dentistry, the laboratories, clinics and simulation rooms of the pavilion are equipped with the latest technologies to reproduce the reality of a dental clinic. The newly renovated classrooms also allow the use of very high-resolution images and access to all online tools.

Interactive Petrography Laboratory

The Interactive Petrography Laboratory, one of the most sophisticated in the world, is equipped with the latest generation microscopes specially designed for the identification and characterization of minerals, minerals and fossils. Each microscope is equipped with a digital camera and a flat screen and all are connected to a wall projector, allowing the sharing of images and interaction between observers.

Active learning rooms

Active learning rooms, with glass walls to write notes, large projection screen at tables to develop and transmit ideas, etc., promote collaborative work, interaction and innovative pedagogical approaches. Present in several faculties and at the Library, they are a stimulating space where the student is involved in his learning process.


The Université Laval campus offers an exceptional and safe study and living environment. Composed of many green spaces, wooded and crisscrossed by hiking and cycling trails, our North American campus promotes walking and access to pavilions. Close to downtown Quebec City and integrated into its community, the campus is animated by a vibrant cultural, sporting and social life.

In the heart of the university city


Laval University residences offer, on campus, a safe, welcoming and study-friendly environment at the best value for money. By establishing your neighborhoods in one of the 4 residence pavilions, one of which is reserved for female customers, you will find a real living environment, imbued with a spirit of community and close to all services.

UL flavors

Fast food counters, restaurants and cafes offer varied dishes at reasonable prices in almost every pavilion. Discover, among other things, a restaurant-bar, the University Pub, a food stop, Saveurs Campus, as well as a boreal-inspired bistro, the Cercle universitaire. Taste products designed on campus by students: AgroCité market garden products, cheeses from the Campus Cheese Factory, breads and pastries from the BoULangerie du Comtois, honey from CRSAD and Rucher pédagogique UL or beer brewed on site by student microbrewers such as Brassta and Microbroue.


Specialized in all the disciplines taught at Laval University, the Library is one of the largest in Canada. It houses millions of various documents in addition to providing access to thousands of electronic resources through its website. Newly renovated, several workspaces are also available to you.


The Physical Education and Sports Pavilion (PEPS) is undoubtedly the regional pole for the practice of physical activity, whether recreational or competitive. It has modern facilities and offers many sports activities. Different intra leagues also allow you to practice your sport in a spirit of healthy competition.

TELUS-Université Laval Stadium

The integration of the stadium into the sports facilities of Université Laval confirms the decisive role of UL in the practice of sport in the Quebec City region. You will enjoy modern equipment, in an environment adapted to the practice of soccer, rugby and football. The use of wood for the main structure of the stadium and the green measures put in place make it a sustainable building and have earned the University prestigious awards from the architectural community.

Ease of travel

Served by public transport, the campus gives you easy and quick access to the city’s activities, attractions and services. Its strategic location makes it as easy to get to Old Quebec as it is to one of the three shopping centers located nearby, one of which is the largest in eastern Canada. The proximity of major roads and its parking spaces also allow easy access by car. Do you prefer eco-responsible travel? The campus houses charging stations for electric cars and offers a car-sharing service with a no reservation, thus promoting sustainable development. A network of underground corridors also allows you to move from one pavilion to another safe from the weather and safely.

Services at your fingertips

Professional Development Service

The Professional Development Service of Université Laval (SDP), among the best in Canada, supports the student community during or after graduation to successfully enter the labor market. Its team of experts offers various services to help you in your internship or job search and plan your professional project.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Bureau of Scholarships and Financial Assistance (BBAF) informs you about the different forms of financial assistance available and accompanies you in your efforts to obtain funding for the continuation of your studies. The BBAF also offers various resources to support you in planning your budget and allow you to improve your knowledge of personal finance.

Student Help Center

The Student Assistance Center offers support and consultation services in terms of guidance, academic success and psychological well-being. In support of your success, you will be able to participate in interactive training, attend presentations or benefit from individual consultations. If you have a disability, the Centre ensures you fair and equitable access to the resources necessary for the success of your studies

Studying in the city center

School of architecture

The School of Architecture offers an exceptional learning environment in one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in New France, the Séminaire de Québec. The School is structured around a large inner courtyard, typical of French monastic architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries. To move from one floor to another, students take the St. Joseph’s Staircase, a work of art in itself, built at the end of the 18th century.

School of Design and School of Art

The School of Design and the School of Art occupy the La Fabrique building located in the trendy Nouvo Saint-Roch district. They enjoy a stimulating artistic environment, in an extraordinary living, working and studying environment. The School of Design is home to specialized workshops and laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and one of the largest 3D printing laboratories in Canada.

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